Jun 09

Interior House Painting – Plan Ahead

Painting the interior of your home is a good home improvement project if you want to quickly and affordably spruce up your home. However, before hiring a house painter, here are a few tips to consider.

Older Homes. Homes built before 1979 may have been painted with lead based paints. It would be wise to find out one way or the other before you begin painting your home.

Prepare Your Home for Painting. You want your paint job to be its best and last for as long as possible. While most reputable painting companies can and will do the prep work for you, if you want to save some money you can do the prep work yourself.

Dirty walls should be properly cleaned. This is especially important in the kitchen (around stove and sink) and in the bathroom. Grease spots and soap scum will cause your paints not to adhere correctly. Look for any cracking or peeling. You can also patch holes from old picture hanging. Be sure to sand the areas smooth.

Hiring your painter. A reputable painter should be able to tell you how much paint will be needed and how long the project will take. Make sure to get a contract that specifies this information. This will avoid an inflated cost at the end of the project. Be sure to ask for references from your painter. If they can not provide any, look for another painter despite the price of the job.

Be mindful of additional charges from the painter. Does he charge for moving furniture? What about crown molding? Be sure to get all the specifics up front.

Choosing a Paint Color. Decide in advance on your paint color. Keep in mind that dark colors make a room looks smaller, while light colors do the exact opposite. You can check out different paint options by purchasing a small quart size version of the paint color and seeing how it lays. Many painters offer the option of checking the colors online with a virtual paint program, but it doesn’t show the changes light in your room will cause.

Choosing a Finish. The last detail is the finish on the paint. Flat paints are great at hiding imperfections. However, the glossier the finish, the easier it is to clean. An eggshell finish has only a slight gloss, so may be a great alternative.

In the end, it is up to you how your house will turn out. By taking the time to do your homework and your prep work you can guarantee your painting project will be a success.


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